Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply to the program?

If your GPA is above B and you studied or you are studying physics, please send us your CV, a copy of your transcripts including your GPA and a letter of motivation to

Do I need German language skills to start my internship or to move around in the city?

You do not need any German language skills for the internship at Mainz University. Especially in our Department of Physics, the working language is English. You can also get around easily in the city since many people have at least basic English skills. In any case it is of course helpful to have a few phrases in German available.

What is the security situation in Germany? Is it safe for me to go out during evening hours?

Germany is generally a very safe country for international standards and violent crime is rare. The police are trustworthy and offer help if needed.

For more information please visit (external link).

Where do I stay during my internship at Mainz University and who pays for accommodation?

We provide accommodation in one of our dormitories. You live in your own apartment next to the university's campus. All apartments are fully furnished, have a bathroom with toilet and a kitchenette or a shared kitchen on the same floor.

How much money do I have to spend on living expenses?

In comparison to other European countries, living expenses are quite reasonable. A loaf of bread costs about 1.50 to 3 EUR. A ticket for the bus to the university costs about 2.75 EUR. If you like to have lunch at the university's cafeteria as a student you can have a full dish with soup, a main course and a desert for only 2.50 EUR. In general, living expenses in Germany are below countries like Denmark, UK or Italy but they are quite high in comparison to countries in Asia or Latin America.

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Does the PRISMA+ Internship-funding also cover the living costs in Germany?

No, the PRISMA+ funding during the PRISMA+ Internship Program covers only your accommodation costs up to a total of 400.00 EUR for every month for the entire duration of the internship and the reimbursement of your travel expenses up to 700.00 EUR.

Do I need health insurance during my stay and which one is best for me?

As an intern at PRISMA+, you do need health insurance coverage. If you already have a European Health Insurance Card, please check whether you need additional insurance procurement for your stay in Germany. If you do not have a European Health Insurance Card, please obtain a private health insurance. For recommendations or any other related question please contact us directly:

I am not enrolled at a university at the moment. Would it be possible for me to successfully apply to the program?

Yes, you can apply for a PRISMA+ Internship even if you are currently not enrolled at a university. As an intern, you will not be enrolled at Mainz University. Please note that Mainz University is provides special discount rates for public transport, the university's cafeteria and other services for students only.

What type of Visa do I need for my stay in Germany?

As an international student, you may need a Visa depending on where you come from. Please contact the German embassy or the German consulate for more information. Please note that the application process for a Visa might take a few weeks. So please apply early enough. For an internship which will last up to 90 days you will only need to have a valid Schengen Visa. After your arrival please also note that you have to apply for a residence permit if you are not a citizen of an EU member state.

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How long will it take until I receive feedback on my application?

Usually, we try to process your formal application within two weeks after the submission deadline. If, for any reason, there is a delay, we will inform you early on. After approving your application, you will be asked to propose a general time frame for your internship. On the basis of this time frame and depending on the availability of our research groups, accommodations, etc. we will deliver you a concrete offer for a PRISMA+ internship. If you accept this offer within two weeks, you will be officially accepted in the PRISMA+ Internship Program and receive a letter of acceptance. Please note that your application is pending until you receive the official letter of acceptance.

Will I have to purchase my tickets and make the housing arrangements by myself or will PRISMA+ help me with travel arrangements and accommodation for my stay in Mainz?

Yes, you are in charge of making your individual travel arrangements. The ticket expenses will be reimbursed after your arrival at Mainz University. You do not have to make any accommodation arrangements since PRISMA+ is taking care of this. In case you do not want take advantage of this option and plan to stay somewhere on your own, please let us know in advance.

Is it possible to have access to the library or other facilities like e-mail or wifi at the university's campus during my internship?

Yes, during your internship we will provide you with your own university account. This account gives you access to a number of IT services e.g. e-mail, wifi on the university's campus and your personal home directory with 10 GB disk space, etc. It is also possible to apply for a library account.